Charity Auction Consultants can assist your organization with the day of operations at your auction event.  Charity Auction Consultants has partnered with patent-owner (The Gavel Group) to offer barcode bidding at your event.  The use of barcodes allows your silent auction to be quickly and efficiently closed, with a list of the final winners available within minutes. Barcodes eliminate the frustrations of poor handwriting, incorrect bid increments and crossed-out bids while at the same time, encouraging spur-of-the-moment bidding.

How it Works:


     Client Responsibilites:

​     * Client provides all items in provided excel format to Charity Auction Consultants within 3 business days of the auction.

          * Client determines all packages, start bids, increments

     * Client provides bidder information in provided excel format to Charity Auction Consultants within 2 business days of the auction.

     * Setup the silent auction

     * Provide Live auctioneer and manage all Live Auction and Donation Ask sales.


     Charity Auction Consultants Responsibilites:

     * Print barcoded legal size (8.5" x 14") bid sheets for up to 200 silent auction items.

          (Note: Additional items can be included at an additional fee)

     * Print barcoded bid stickers for each guest.

     * Print a Live auction bid paddle on card stock for each guest.

​     * Provide a staff of 2-4 to manage Charity Auction Consultants equipment (computers, printers, etc).

     * Assist at check in and provide bid stickers to guests that may not have been on the excel list.

     * Pick up all silent auction bid sheets at close of the silent auction.

     * Scan all silent auction bid sheets

     * Print invoices for each winning bidder on 3-Part NCR Paper (Provides a copy for guests, client, and Charity Auction Consultants)

     * Enter all client provided sales for the Live Auction & Donation Ask for easy reporting.

​     * Provide comprehensive reports to client at close of event.  

           Includes summary and detailed report by items for each auction component (Silent, Live, Donation Ask, Raffle, etc/), an        

           Alphabetical by Bidder report showing purchases for each guest.

NOTE: This service is limited by region.  Charity Auction Consultants will gladly assist charities outside of Nebraska; however, if flights, long distance vehicle travel, or hotel stays is required in order to assist your charity, then the fees will be higher to cover those additional cost.

Cashiering - Packages Starting as low as $3,500

Solicitations - Packages Starting as low as $1,500

Charity Auction Consultants can assist your organization by bringing in additional items to your auction event. New items that guests' have not seen in years past can increase the results of your entire auctions net revenue. An auction with a wide variety of items is more likely to invite your guest to participate in the auction. 

From trips, golf courses, culinary, retail, and more we help fill in the gaps where our clients stuggle to bring in new items. Our team will assist in creating the solicitation letter, and sending solicitation letters for up to 10,000 records from our database. 

All Charity Auction Consultants needs to get started is:
* Signed Agreement
* Current Solicitation Letter
* Electronic Logo (JPEG Format)
* Scanned signature of signor(s)
* Approval on a final letter

For best results solicitation letters should be sent at least 8 weeks before your event. Contact us today to get started! 

* Packages & Pricing is determined based on total number of solicitation letters sent.  Results vary by region, request,and by organization.